david-duplessie-greg-smith-portrait-2018Duplessie, a native of Maine and 20-year resident of New York City, considers himself to have always been a photographer. He knew at a very young age being a photographer was his destiny. The exact tract was the unknown. Having played with a Fisher Price wooden camera and graduating to his parent’s Kodak 126, capturing the image was the end game, even in his imagination.

Through formative years in a high school darkroom he learned the basic function though it came quite easily for him. A simple innate knowledge was with him. Studying lighting and studio disciplines in New York City brought him back to a memory from his youth, that of photographing a gargoyle downspout on the roof of the French chateau Chambord and showing the image to others on the trip only to their amazement. Though they had all visited this site before they had never noticed the downspout This intrigued him and is now what gives to the formation of the concept of showing that which is seldom seen. We see that in many of his works, the parts and pieces of the whole. It’s what sets Duplessie apart.