12/16/2022: Nothing new as of this posting. All is on hold until David’s estate is settled. As you know we are all interested in what is going to happen to his art work. As soon as I hear anything about that, I will let you know. Thank you for you patience.

11/27/2022: As of this date David’s ashes have returned to his sister in Maine and the Death Certificate arrived. His official cause of death was heart related. As far as his art is concerned, we are waiting for the estate to be settled and finalized before we begin working on a plan for his art. The new image is one that was taken prior to his opening at Modities, in Albuquerque. ©Tim Anderson

10/19/2022, I lost a very dear friend (David Duplessie) who had worked hard and long to have his fine art photography shown on the international stage, in Barcelona, Spain, at the 7th Biennial of Photography. He was right in the middle of that elusive goal. But, he made it. He won awards, made connections, made friends, and achieved a goal only a handful of us realize. He died in his sleep, right where he wanted to be. Rest easy my friend and my brother-in-arms! You did it and you are on a different kind of journey, now!

I will be making announcements from time to time on the status and progress of David’s work. Thank you!

Tim Anderson