More thoughts and ramblings on Calls for Entry……..

David Duplessie PhotographyI’m heading into submitting for one I have previously applied for and was accepted to last year. My thoughts about this year’s submission goes something like this: should I submit; what should I submit; should I submit images from the same “idea” or should I submit from different shoots? I’m sure these thoughts are felt by many creatives.

This all might seem like minutiae to most but that is what goes through my head. Almost over and over I might add. The decision in reality comes down to simply sitting down and doing it. Plan what images to submit and just do it. What I decided for this call is to use three from the same subject. The images would be some of my most recent work and telling of where I’m heading vision-wise. To give an essence to what is on my periphery and where the future leads. Is this important? Should this be important, to show the “newest” work? I believe it is important to the people following me, not sure how much interest it would be to the actual Call for Entry group as a whole. What is important is to continually show what is being worked on and where one is headed.

If you take a look at any “great” photographer or artist and their work when they first started versus what they were doing when they stopped producing. You can see the evolution in ideas and form. Not to mention their vision and where they came from. It’s one thing to have a perfect image every time out of the gate. That’s expected. It’s another thing to have a new muse, a new thought, a new and fresh approach.

It’s all a continued honing of the vision, the gift. Isn’t it what we all are doing in life?

So with that I’ll leave you with something new. Let me know what you think of this new image.