david-duplessie-greg-smith-portrait-2018David Duplessie is a Maine native, and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico after living in NYC for 20 years, considers himself to have always been a photographer. Starting quite young with a Fisher Price wooden camera, there has rarely been a day when he wasn’t carrying some sort of camera.

Through formative years in school shooting Yearbook photos and soccer games he transferred into more formal education with classes in New York studying lighting, form and still life. All this always came back to what truly engaged him….parts and pieces of the whole. Intriguing him at an early age was photographing a gargoyle downspout on the roof of Chambord (France) the others in the group (all seasoned chateaux visitors) had never seen. This experience concreted in him the desire to show people what they miss every day. It is this that gives us parts and pieces as a form of art from his eye.