David Duplessie PhotographySAVE the DATE: May 6, 2011, 5-8pm
Opening Reception for David Duplessie
I will be having an exhibition opening this Friday, May 6th from 5-8pm.
It will be at Mariposa Gallery where I’m also represented. This will be my first show of the year!
I’ve changed my presentation method and I can’t wait to show you.
Just think… no reflections!
Mariposa Gallery
3500 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
I hope to see you there!

David Duplessie PhotographyIt’s time to reveal some really big news! It’s something I’ve been working on and striving for a while. It’s the next step in the journey.

I am proud to announce I am now represented by Gallery Hózhó! They are located at Hotel Chaco in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Gallery Hózhó specializes in New Mexico artists with work from New Mexico. Many of the artists are Native as well. My inclusion may seem odd but with all my work originating in New Mexico I am a great fit (of course). I currently have four pieces on display with more to follow.

If you are in Albuquerque please pay them a visit at 2000 Bellamah Ave NW, inside Hotel Chaco. They also have doors directly on Bellemah Avenue. Gallery Hózhó is open 12-6 Tuesday through Sunday. You can see my work here and contact Suzanne for all purchases.

I hope you can all appreciate this momentous occasion in my career and journey. This is a very exciting time for me; this really does mean a lot in my progression as an artist.

And of course, I thank you for your continued interest and support for joining me on this fantastic journey!

Thank you!

Here’s the news!

As you know from the last newsletter I started a GoFundMe page to help with exhibiting and attending the 6th edition Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Barcelona this September. I would like to extend a very hearty THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed. I really do appreciate your interest and willingness to join me on this amazing journey, a journey that’s only just beginning. As of today an amazing $1750.00 has been raised of the $2500 goal. Every $10 helps so don’t be shy.

Next I’m trying something very new to me; I’m holding an online auction of one of my prints. This one has garnered more than 750 likes on Instagram. So here’s your chance to own it. A limited edition print signed and numbered, delivered flat to your door ready for the framing of your choice. The auction is live now and goes until June 28th @ 7:55pm.

I’m getting quite excited about Barcelona. This trip will not only be a once in a lifetime thing but will really put my work in a whole different arena with many international artists, collectors and dealers. The comment I made as a four year old about being a photographer is coming true. Dreams do come true. Believe in them, they do happen!

Let me remind you that all my work is available for purchase from the website or through a personal email to me. If you see something on Instagram you like, let me know. I can print and have it shipped to you within two weeks.

Again, thank you for joining me on this fantastic journey!


david Duplessie BarcelonaI have some amazing; no, superlative; no, incredible news to share!!

Remember the posts about entering Calls for Entry? I entered one, the 16th annual Pollux Awards, and I won First Place in the Abstract category (image)! Then add to that wonderful piece of news I received another email stating I was invited to exhibit at and attend the 6th edition of the Biennial of Fine Art and Photography in Barcelona, Spain this September.

Needless to say I’ve been riding on cloud nine the last couple of days. The dream is coming true. It’s happening!

Some would say entering was the hard part and going is the easy part. If you know me at all you probably realize the real challenge is about what’s to follow.

I’m asking for your support in this (ad)venture. I will be heading to Barcelona about the 7th of September. My plan is to stay at least through that weekend to allow for meetings and making more contacts to expand my photography’s reach. I would like to spend a little more time to photograph and experience the architecture, both old and new.

To make this happen I have set up a GoFundMe page, Exhibit in Barcelona. And of course if you prefer other options are available directly to me. All funds donated will go directly to fund this trip to include local printing and framing.

So you might wonder which image won. I’ve included that image at the top. Remember, archival prints are available. Check the site at David Duplessie  for specifics.

Once again, I appreciate you continuing to join me in this journey (and dream).

Thank you!

David Duplessie PhotographySome of you already know I did a rather extensive study of kitchen utensils a while back. Some of you even have a few of the prints too. I appreciate the support!

Come forward a couple years and as I’m looking at images on the internet I become totally inspired by someone’s image of a fork. Yes, a fork.

Now the rabbit hole that fork led me down…

I started to play with forks in the afternoon sun,recently, on my counter. Silhouetted, shadowed, what have you, but none of it really spoke to me.

I went on to what it would look like on a black background. WOW! That was it! It popped and sang to me. The light was still from the afternoon sun, all natural. No artificial strobe or continuous light just the sun. I had to shoot quick as I couldn’t count on my natural light source, the sun. I did this for a couple days then I thought about the light tent I have for product work I did.

Next day I set that up and used a couple continuous lights on the side with a black background it the tent. I even opened up the tripod and made the overall set. It worked. It was fine, very “studio.” I found it all to be too placed and not allowing for much spontaneity or any creativity. It just wasn’t as raw and simple as the black board and sunlight on the kitchen counter.

I packed it all back up and went back to the kitchen counter and sunlight.

I’ve noticed more “forks” being shown in social media photography circles lately, as well. It’s not just me. It all continues to give me inspiration.

The fork I was shooting became “flatware” as a series. The end result is a grouping I hope to show on a rather large gallery wall someday.

Attached is one of the parts of the fork – the flatware series.

Best and thank you for joining me on the journey!


David Duplessie PhotographyOver the past year I have been entering Calls for Entry, contests essentially. Getting to the point of doing this was not quick or easy. It took many years.

As a teen and 20-something I often wanted to enter contests but didn’t really know how to or mainly if my work was up to par. Back then it was all prints, no emailing or uploading. Living and growing up in a small town the whole process was daunting, an ordeal and frankly rather costly.

Forward 30 years and the process has become much easier, much less daunting. So much is now digital, one simply uploads the entry. There is no film to get processed only to find 35 of 36 exposures didn’t quite do the subject justice. No additional trip(s) to have something printed that did do the subject justice. The whole process is simpler now.

Add to that what 30 years does for one’s confidence. Though I still wonder sometimes if my work is any good, Instagram is a great meter for that. Instant affirmation! Gratification! Within a couple hours you will immediately know if your work is any good. For that purpose, social media platforms are helpful. So does experiencing the process and seeing that yes, indeed, your work is good and worthy of entry.

I recently entered a Call for Entry with the category of “Open”. My entries didn’t get noticed. I entered a Call a few days later with the subject Architecture. One of the images got shortlisted (an honorable mention of sorts). It would seem advisable to enter contests that better suit one’s best subject rather than one that includes everything under the sun. That would be common sense, no?

It’s all a learning process, one I see more established photographers still wrestling with. Learning never ends.

Here’s an image I recently entered. Hope you enjoy!

Daavid Duplessie PhotographyFirst, as I mentioned in the last email I am in a group show at GalleryABQ for the month of September. Show opens on the first Friday of September (9/4/2020) and is part of the Albuquerque ArtsCrawl with venues all around the city. I am honored to be a part of the show with members of the Photo Salon de New Mexico. Members include: Tim Anderson, Pat Barret, Kevin Black, Liz Blasingame, Wendy Kappy, Kean, Eric McCollum, Carol Mell, Greg Smith, David Vogel and myself.

You may have already read about these dates. But I wanted to share the great news with you!

Next, a few days ago I was tapped to be in a show at Modities, a new mid-century furniture store, for October’s First Friday ArtsWalk October 2nd. This show will be up for the weekend only so be sure to stop by. If you don’t know, Modities is located at Central and 8th (800 Central SW). There will be more on this to come.

And now for what I’ve been working on….

Started looking at peeling paint and again looking at what is seldom seen or even noticed. Really, showing the beauty of remnants, of what has been left behind and forgotten.

Here’s a preview of what I’m playing with (image).

I realize with Covid many are reluctant to come out to shows and I understand that. Both venues are limiting the number that can enter with strict protocols for those who do. With that I do hope to see you at either or both upcoming shows.

Hope this has found you all well and healthy.

David Duplessie Photography

I have more great news. I’ve been picked up for a show October 2nd, 3rd and 4th . This one will be at Modities in downtown Albuquerque. It coincides with October’s First Friday and goes through that Sunday. Modities is a new shop in the heart of the downtown district offering an ever changing assortment of mid-century modern furniture and accessories. They have offered me a spot on their wall for the October First Friday ArtsWalk. This will be my second solo show downtown this year.

David Duplessie PhotographyI have some amazing news!

The piece I wrote that appears on my website (davidduplessie.com) about the “Conformity of Life” has been published in Shadow & Light Magazine. When the publisher, Tim Anderson, first read the piece he said, “It’s going in the next issue.” While I have had a Showcase of my work in the magazine before, I never envisioned anything like this.

The piece, if you haven’t seen it, is about what confines us and forces us to conform to the point of being withered, drained and left by the wayside – unless we can break free. When or if we do break free, the confines are left empty waiting on the next generation to follow along.

The piece came out of a trip to northern New Mexico. Originally the trip was planned to shoot at a national park only to find it was closed due to the pandemic. This work came about rather spontaneously and quick by the roadside. Amazing how things come together.

Tim is graciously providing almost a 50% discount (save $9.50- 6 issues) towards subscribing to Shadow & Light in this email.

I want to thank you for continuing your support for me and this journey.

David Duplessie PhotographyAt this time I am playing with some older images some of you may have seen. This one, a simple kitchen utensil turned into a black and white, showing a rather intense spiral. I chose this image over several others I’ve been working on as it is more relevant to me as it shows a part of the whole. It also demonstrates the spiral we are in today.

In our current life circumstances many of us are spiraling. We are in turmoil as a people. How did we get here go the lyrics. Well, how did we get here?

The two most recent issues upon us, Covid-19 and the killing of George Floyd are telling in our history as a group. The pandemic hit large cities hard and small towns hardly at all. George Floyd’s death has hit us all. One may have lost their job; their business; contracted the virus; known someone who did get “it” or sadly lost a friend or loved due to Covid-19. But all of us are appalled over the senseless death of George Floyd.

The uncertainty of Covid-19 – who has it, who have you been in contact with, is it safe? The questions many wonder and ask. Add to that how the virus moved. If you are in a large metropolitan city you know firsthand but if you are in a more rural area, you really do not see it. Covid-19 probably hasn’t touched your life with the exception of not getting your hair done, a restaurant being closed or [to many] losing one’s livelihood.

The killing of a black man at the hands of a white police officer and the complete turmoil that has erupted has in most areas of this country has affected everyone, if not from a protest/riot standpoint then certainly from a philosophical one. What do we as a people accept? Where do we put the emphasis, on the looting and rioting or the killing of another black man? Circumstances would show we do not accept the killing of another black man. While looting and rioting are unacceptable, George Floyd’s death is not acceptable. That is where the importance lays.

Both of these issues have touched us all to some extent.

I leave you with the spiral looking for a way back to a sense of normalcy. In what form we shall see.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.