This just in!

David Duplessie-Color It Red Showcase PortfolioAs all of you should know by now, the foreseeable future has been put on “shelter-in-place,” which translates to not much happening, for our own health and safety. The group show, mentioned previously, has been re-scheduled to October. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Another show I had mentioned is the pop-up solo show at OT Circus. It is still scheduled at this time, and it is a one-night-only extravaganza downtown on Central. They are gaining quite a reputation for amazing shows. I was lucky to get a spot on a first Friday. The show is on August 7th.

In light of current events it was good to receive great news from Shadow & Light Magazine publisher, Tim Anderson, that jurors for the magazine’s annual Color It Red contest selected my Abstract Realities portfolio for inclusion into this Special Issue of the magazine. The 10-image portfolio looks very nice. Thanks, Tim!

More information on the shows will be forthcoming, so be on the lookout.

I wish for all of you to be safe and healthy in your life and in your heart.


Why Minimal…
David Duplessie-Abstract RealitiesI am still shooting minimalist and very macro but I’m leaning a little more toward the brutalist movement. Here is an example (pictured) discovering the hues in stainless steel. This year I will be continuing to concentrate on Calls for Entry and exhibitions around the country and internationally. So far I have two shows planned for this year.

Shooting for the minimal captures the essence of the image without any of the extraneous. When I do photograph a landscape or overall type image I am left wanting to see more, more of the actual image and less of the surrounding information. I love looking at a beautiful scenic or landscape like most other people but when it comes time to really look at an image I want to look closer, deeper at the subject and less at what surrounds it.


Regardless the subject, architecture to kitchen tools, I want to show the cleanest possible image of the subject. Not just to add questions but to add intrigue and interest of the unseen, the un-noticed, to share the inner most value of the subject for the viewer.

But for photographing in a minimalist style, it is all about the Parts of the whole, the Pieces of the whole that people rarely, if ever, see. It is this that interests me.

Thank you for your continued interest in my work!