That which entwines us – the conformity of life

This prDavid Duplessie Photographyoject depicts the overall conformity expected of us. We are the wood the wire is the constraint. The mold we are to fit into is shown by the openings for the wood.

The blurred background defines the complexity and confusion all around us, the muddledness of it all and how to fit in.

The conformity – forced to conform to the structures of the hole. The hole is a metaphor for life, where we fit within it or in some cases we don’t. We try to exit only to be chafed and hemmed in against our wishes unable to escape.

The sticks, whether full size or broken, beckon to how we fit in that construct. Or how we allow ourselves to fit while being shut down and demoralized. The small ones, the broken ones show what happens to those who are so shut down they break and wither. The full-size sticks are, at the moment, willing to fit and not question. Not question the reality or their inner ideas and emotions.

Still others are marred by the constraints of the mold after years of conformity – conformity that rails against their inner being.

All the sticks are weathered from exposure to life. Others are tied and bound to the chain not allowing for any idea of escape or of outside thought.

They are so threatened by the barbs to remain bound to that conformity. (See gallery below)

9220 – The conformity of life
9231 – Worn, tightened
9242 – Not quite fitting into the conformity of the expectation, worn from trying
9266 – Years of battered, no chance of escaping
9267 – No longer quite fitting the mold, scars from fitting in
9284 – Broken from years of fitting in, left as a reminder to not question the mold
9362 – Worn and rusted. A life conformed to a life not requested
9366 – Remains within the constraints of the conformity but still is further shackled and chained with the ever present threat of the barb
9368 – Conformed to, rusted into, further contained and threatened
9374 – So tight for so long and SNAP. Withered and worn out
9388 – SNAP – no longer constrained in the conformity though broken beyond repair
9406 – SNAP – broken
9407 – Constrained within the conformity and reminded to remain, don’t attempt
9409 – Completely escaped the confines and the threat from the barb
9416 – Totally constrained by the forces, no way out, for so long there is rust

If or when you do escape, you have the chance to start anew and are afforded the freedom to jump, to run, to see, to live, to laugh and to flourish. To become more than a stick conformed to a group of mores but to explode into the real you. Build, energize and begin the life imagined and dreamed of for so long. Life is no longer that confined hole but is now the world.

This project began as a simple trek into the forest, to see and experience the vastness. That ended when pulling up to the gate of a vast National Park and seeing it closed due to the pandemic. Plans changed allowing this vision to come alive and be explored.

Thank you for continuing to join me on this journey.




Why Minimal…
David Duplessie-Abstract RealitiesI am still shooting minimalist and very macro but I’m leaning a little more toward the brutalist movement. Here is an example (pictured) discovering the hues in stainless steel. This year I will be continuing to concentrate on Calls for Entry and exhibitions around the country and internationally. So far I have two shows planned for this year.

Shooting for the minimal captures the essence of the image without any of the extraneous. When I do photograph a landscape or overall type image I am left wanting to see more, more of the actual image and less of the surrounding information. I love looking at a beautiful scenic or landscape like most other people but when it comes time to really look at an image I want to look closer, deeper at the subject and less at what surrounds it.


Regardless the subject, architecture to kitchen tools, I want to show the cleanest possible image of the subject. Not just to add questions but to add intrigue and interest of the unseen, the un-noticed, to share the inner most value of the subject for the viewer.

But for photographing in a minimalist style, it is all about the Parts of the whole, the Pieces of the whole that people rarely, if ever, see. It is this that interests me.

Thank you for your continued interest in my work!